Regaining Lost Revenue Is Easier Than Earning New Revenue

With the rise in visitors that use ad blockers, you have lost revenue. It’s just a fact, that as of 2017 publishers lost billions in ad revenue. That’s why ReviveAds created a solution. Instead of constantly creating new ads and trying to gain new revenue, we are here to help you get the revenue you […]

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break ad block

Breaking Through Ad Blockers

Ad blocking cost publishers billions of dollars in 2017 alone. ReviveAds is the solution to breaking through ad blockers and getting your revenue back that you would have previously lost. You are losing money and ReviveAds wants to get it back for you in the best way that we know how. But how does ReviveAds […]

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ReviveAds is coming to Vegas on January 6-8.

ReviveAds is joining the Affiliate Summit West in Vegas. Our main agenda is the launch of the new growth loops – a FREE managed service that allows exponential growth focused on reciprocal marketing using E-mail & Push technology. During our beta testing, we’ve seen our partners could re-capture up to 20% in lost revenues by using […]

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acceptable ads hurts publishers

Adblock Plus creates a new task force to fight Anti Adblock:

Adblock plus creators Eyeo are getting more serious in the fight against adblock circumvention companies. They created an interdisciplinary team internally to counter the ad block blockers.   Eyeo wants the team to work alongside with publishers to come up with user-friendly solutions to combat the adblock circumvention tech. What they really want is for […]

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Pinterest Ad Revenue Forecast

Pinterest is growing rapidly and is expected to match other social media giants in online advertising: Emarketer just released their first ad revenue forecast for the social media platform Pinterest. Their forecast predicts that the social network will generate more than $500 million in US online ad revenue, which is a 43.8% change from the previous […]

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ReviveAds Makes the news, on NewsWatchTV on AMC!

ReviveAds covered by NewsWatchtv on AMC in a recent segment yesterday  January 9th 2018 What a great way to kick off the new year by being covered in a news segment and having  a video posted on AMC’s NewswatchTv About you. Direct URL: Adblockers are hemorrhaging revenue from even the top online publishers. On […]

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YouTube Adds Vertical Video Ads:

Youtube is launching vertical video ads on their mobile platform. This format is already used by Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Snapchat. However, advertisers expect youtube to use vertical videos differently than Snapchat and Instagram. The ads will be similar to TV ads. They will appear as pre-rolls before a youtube video starts. Instagram and Snapchat […]

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Facebook stories

Facebook Stories attract advertisers with low CPM

Advertisers have a new battleground: Facebook Stories! Facebook stories are posted on top of Facebook mobile app, they only appear for 24 hours, similar to Instagram stories.  This media outlet is still in beta, but should roll out globally by the end of the year. the company said in an email sent to Facebook Marketing […]

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Facebook launches its video-on-demand service

At the end of August, Facebook announced the rollout of Watch – video-on-demand service for episodic content. The service allows creators worldwide to monetize their content with ad breaks, pre-roll, and image ads. Monetization is a top priority for Facebook since it’s also a major priority for content creators. In order to be eligible to […]

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ReviveAds Ad Reinsertion

Ad Blockers control the future of advertising:

Adblock Plus and many other ad blocking software run an “acceptable ads” program, Essentially adverts that are considered acceptable and respectful to user experience are whitelisted and are shown to users and the one that considered crappy are blocked. This program is free to smaller publications but for larger publishers, they are expected to pay […]

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