Breaking Through Ad Blockers

break ad blockAd blocking cost publishers billions of dollars in 2017 alone. ReviveAds is the solution to breaking through ad blockers and getting your revenue back that you would have previously lost. You are losing money and ReviveAds wants to get it back for you in the best way that we know how.

But how does ReviveAds work? It actually can be explained very simply. ReviveAds is a specialized advertising network. The specialized advertising network uses patent-pending technologies to bypass ad blockers. With the rise in users installing ad blockers, ReviveAds lets you bypass that and recapture the revenue you would have previously lost.

ReviveAds will not interfere with your current advertisers at all, either. ReviveAds only serves ads that would have been ad blocked previously. For example, if a user isn’t using an ad blocker then they will continue to see your original ads as they were. The only time ReviveAds would step in is if your original ads were being blocked by an ad blocker, the system then kicks in and serves replacement ads making sure that you still get that revenue.

The ad block playing field is a constantly changing monster for publishers. They are always trying to stay one step ahead by changing their systems, offering more features, etc. ReviveAds is dedicated to actively managing solutions to this. What that means is that ReviveAds is constantly tweaking their systems, adding and cutting where necessary. This way ReviveAds can bypass all the latest filters as we find them and pinpoint them. We shoot for the largest ad blocking tools first to make sure that your ads are getting past them as quickly as we can get them.

But what if an ad blocker blocks ReviveAds? You know, that’s a good question – and we have thought of that. ReviveAds keeps a close eye on this cat and mouse game. We know what’s being blocked on our sites and where almost all the time. If ReviveAds is blocked, because it can happen, it will not stay blocked for long as we would work to tweak our system until we were in the clear again!

ReviveAds is bringing you revenue back where ad blockers would see it taken away. ReviveAds works diligently and tirelessly to stay as up to date as they can in this cat and mouse game. And it’s not just desktop ads we are helping you get through, but mobile as well. Get back the revenue that you deserve and don’t lose any more revenue to ad blocking!