Facebook Stories attract advertisers with low CPM

Advertisers have a new battleground: Facebook Stories!

Facebook stories are posted on top of Facebook mobile app, they only appear for 24 hours, similar to Instagram stories.  This media outlet is still in beta, but should roll out globally by the end of the year. the company said in an email sent to Facebook Marketing Partners on Sept. 6. The email, which was posted on Twitter by digital media consultant Matt Navarra, also invited more advertisers into the beta with a sales pitch.


“Your customers have already been able to reach their audience with Instagram Stories ads, and now they have another opportunity to reach even more people in this full-screen, vertical environment with Facebook Stories ads,” the email read.


Advertiser in the beta can run ads through Facebook Stories, but only if they have existing ads in Instagram stories or in Facebook’s News Feed. It means advertising can’t run ads in the Facebook stories alone. This allows advertisers and Facebook analyze the campaign results across both platforms.  


Feedback from media companies all have been positive so far. With this being a new platform, Prices are low and engagement is high.

Brandon Doyle, the founder of digital agency Wallaroo Media, said

“CPM and conversion rates have been the best of any placements over the course of the last month, probably due to the fact that the competition is lower there,”


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