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Google Is Making Chrome A Fierce Player In The Fight Against Annoying Ads

POST WRITTEN BY: Mark Bauman Owner of ReviveAds, an ad block prevention company. Originally printed on Forbes In the middle of this year, Google made an announcement that it will be introducing an ad blocker to Chrome sometime in 2018. This has understandably shaken content publishers all over the world. For one, almost all publishers rely […]

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ReviveAds is attending the Traffic & Conversion Summit in February

ReviveAds, the most comprehensive ad block prevention program will be attending the 9th Annual Traffic & Conversion Summit on February 26-28. Our team is available for meetings with anyone interested in learning more about ReviveAds, buying or driving lucrative traffic, or our new video syndication platform   Contact us to set up a personal meeting. […]

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Users Don’t want to block ads when given a choice?! – AdBlockChoices

Revolutionary Adblock Method Delivers Strong Results Todays’ online publishers are struggling as traditional Adblock tools are adopted by more and more users, resulting in an average 28% loss per month in advertising sales. With consumers seeking free, quality content and publishers being squeezed of vital income, there must be a balance in this online ecosystem. […]

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Six Surprising Findings About Ad Block Users

POST WRITTEN BY: Mark Bauman Owner of ReviveAds, an ad block prevention company. Originally printed on  As a company that served ads to over 20 million web users last year, we’ve learned quite a bit along the way. We use technology that circumvents ad blockers, which enables us to engage with ad block users and has allowed us to gather […]

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Google and Apple force publishers towards adblock circumvention

With the recent news that Google will add ad-blocking by default to its Chrome web browser, publishers have a right to be concerned. Chrome is far and away the world’s most popular web browser. Later this year, when all Chrome users start blocking entire categories of advertisements, publisher revenues will undoubtedly come under threat. To make matters […]

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“What are you doing about ad blocking on your site?”

If there’s a question web publishers would love to ignore, it’s “What are you doing about adblock?” For years, the answer was “Nothing“, “We’re going to wait for it to get serious“, “It’s not too bad, yet“. Unfortunately, that day has arrived. According to the latest statistics from the iAB, it’s officially “bad”. With some sites […]

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why ad reinsertion matters

Why Ad Reinsertion Matters

If you want to start a shouting match at a tech conference, just bring up ad reinsertion. It’s this year’s hot button issue in technology. But for all of reinsertion’s divisiveness, it’s still the hottest corner of ad tech in 2017. And for good reason: It’s recapturing millions of lost dollars for publishers already. On one […]

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Study reveals adblocking causes sites to lose traffic

It’s being called the “Adblock Paradox”: The counterintuitive fact that adblock actually causes a site to lose traffic over time. Most of us think that using an ad blocker makes reading web pages more enjoyable. So it would be natural to assume that Adblock use would be tied to increases in overall web traffic. But according to […]

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Why adblock walls don’t work. (And what works better).

Adblock walls are everywhere today. We’ve all seen them. You arrive at one of your favorite websites and suddenly there’s a message covering your browser-window which asks you to disable your adblocker. Adblock walls are a natural progression of the rise in adblocking. What was once a small ‘fringe’ phenomenon led by college-aged geeks has gone mainstream.With 25% of […]

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ReviveAds webinar

ReviveAds Presentation Recap – Part I

A big thanks to yesterday’s presentation attendees for making yesterday’s event successful. We’ll be doing more in the near future, so please join our mailing list for updates. The webinar featured Mark Bauman (CEO, MediaReps), Mat Chow (Director of Business Development, ReviveAds), and James Roven (Founder, BlockAdblock). For those of you who missed the event, here are some […]

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