Google wants popups gone from websites

Google wants pop-up ads gone by January 10

By Heather Fletcher As of January 10, mobile marketers will have to re-consider their ad targeting plans. Ads like an intrusive popup or standalone interstitials will be removed. According to Google, these forms of intrusive ads have made content less accessible. Google says that starting Jan 10, they will slam sites that block content on […]

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ReviveAds Mobile Header

ReviveAds in the palm of your hand

Did your cellphone just buzz? That was ReviveAds alerting you that we have launched our mobile ad block solution. ReviveAds has become one of the best mobile adblocked advertising recovery specialists. From smart phones to tablets, ReviveAds has discovered how to target any device or carrier to promote your mobile ads — and circumvent Adblock […]

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Google demotes sites

Is Google’s plan to demote sites with pop-ups and abuse of power?

Say goodbye to seeing pop-ups in your mobile Google searches by January 2017. This big move by Google is causing quite a stir amongst marketers and advertisers. Some Marketers say that pop-ups are a nuisance and that Google intends to make the Internet a better place for everyone. While others say that Google is yet […]

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interview with reviveads ceo mark bauman

Interview: ReviveAds Tool Blocks Ad Blockers

By Don Tennant Interview with ReviveAds CEO Mark Bauman reprinted courtesy of ITBusinessEdge. I never realized before, but I’ve come to learn that ad blockers cause a lot of hand-wringing. Juniper Research earlier this month put out a report warning that digital publishers stand to lose over $27 billion by 2020, and there’s a lot […]

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acceptable ads hurts publishers

Adblock Plus Threatens Small Businesses Online

Controversy and debate ensued following the official explanation of Adblock Plus’s “acceptable ads” program provided by creator Eyeo. The Acceptable Ads program consists of a workaround for publishers to qualify for its whitelist. Now the most popular ad block software in the world, Adblock Plus is standing to profit from the publishers it originally was designed […]

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ReviveAds ad replacement platform

ReviveAds’ Advanced Adblock Circumvention Platform Raises Eyebrows has exploded on to the advertising space following a partnership with award-winning ad platform MediaReps. ReviveAds is the first ad block prevention platform to feature a real-time bidding system. With ad block use growing at an estimated 45% per month, offers business owners a fast and effective workaround which maximizes ad revenue. Publishers have reported increased click-throughs, impressions, […]

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ad recovery publisher profit Sees Publisher Profits Soar with Ad Reinsertion

Ad block solution has reached its six-month mark of business with more than 18% penetration and a client portfolio reaching close to 30 sites. This milestone also has made it possible for ReviveAds technicians to see first-hand how this unique tool has helped publishers regain lost revenue and rebuild their online profit centers. Ads […]

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ReviveAds is growing

ReviveAds’ ad reinsertion technology continues to grow

Ad block solution now boasts a portfolio of 15 top-level sites currently thriving via its proven ad block prevention tool. ReviveAds is making waves with its ad reinsertion technology which serves ads even to Adblock users. Ad reinsertion and ad replacement are technologies which detect ad blockers and use sophisticated methods to bypass them. […]

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ad-replacement anti-adblock Reports 10% Penetration on All Ad-blocked Sites

Ad block solution has reported an impressive 10% penetration on ad-blocked sites since its debut launch last month. The now proven effective ad block prevention tool already has made an impression on publishers seeking a comprehensive solution to revenue loss due to ad block software. Adblock use is soaring, but publishers find ways to […]

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ReviveAds Launches First Comprehensive Adblock Circumvention Platform

ReviveAds is proud to announce the launch of it’s comprehensive new platform to circumvent ad blockers. ReviveAds patent-pending ad reinsertion model can serve ads directly past ad blockers and reach previously inaccessible audiences. Ad block usage has increased more than 69% this year, growing at an estimated 45% per month.  Publishers’ revenues are being decimated. […]

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