Regaining Lost Revenue Is Easier Than Earning New Revenue

MoneyWith the rise in visitors that use ad blockers, you have lost revenue. It’s just a fact, that as of 2017 publishers lost billions in ad revenue. That’s why ReviveAds created a solution. Instead of constantly creating new ads and trying to gain new revenue, we are here to help you get the revenue you should have been getting already – by breaking through the ad blockers so that your original content can do its job.

ReviveAds is a specialized network that bypasses the ad blockers. You get to recapture revenue that would have previously been lost, and that’s the best way and easiest way to get your revenue back.

There are some requirements for new clients, and ReviveAds typically wants you to have a minimum of 100 thousand unique visitors per month; but if you don’t? Contact ReviveAds anyways, they can look at your issues and what’s going on, then judge it on a case by case basis. That’s how dedicated they are to this cause.

This won’t even interfere with your current advertisers. ReviveAds only deals with your ads that are blocked by an ad block system. That means that if customers can see your original ad content then they will continue to see just that. The system is only going to kick in if your ad is ad-blocked, and then it will serve a replacement ad making sure that you get the revenue you were supposed to get. Think of it as a backup system: an ad gets blocked, and the backup system kicks in to make sure your revenue is safe.

Setup costs with Ad block are extremely affordable as well. For sites with traffic under 500 thousand visits per month, it’s only a one-time fee of 100 dollars. Which is probably way under what you would be losing to blocked ads. For sites with over 500 thousand visitors, it is a no-fee startup. Imagine all the money are you going to see again once you start by-passing these ad block systems!

The ad block field is constantly in change. They are working to block your well-earned revenue and we are always on their tails, getting you back through those systems. No matter how much it changes, you can bet that ReviveAds is working hard to make sure that you don’t have to rack your brain to come up with new ad revenue ideas. After all, it is much easier to secure the revenue that you should have already been getting than to go this fight alone against the ad blockers. Stick with ReviveAds and we will get you through where you need to be.