Reports 10% Penetration on All Ad-blocked Sites

Ad block solution has reported an impressive 10% penetration on ad-blocked sites since its debut launch last month. The now proven effective ad block prevention tool already has made an impression on publishers seeking a comprehensive solution to revenue loss due to ad block software.

Adblock use is soaring, but publishers find ways to profit

With ad block use growing at an estimated 45% per month, offers an easy workaround that maximizes ad revenue while increasing click-throughs, impressions, and international visibility. Now clients can easily bypass popular ad blockers – including AdBlock Plus – and regain access to the 150+ million and growing ad block users with customized programs that cater to each site’s unique platform.

Ad reinsertion means higher advertising revenue

“In just one month, clients are already seeing their ads reappear on top sites with click-through rates rising steadily – and the advertising income to prove it,” a representative said in an official statement. “Our team knows how the online ad world works and keeps clients up-to-date with the ever-evolving issue of ad blockers. With that comes the benefit of real-time data reporting and one-on-one customer service that keeps publishers’ sites running at full speed while successfully circumventing hurdles like ad blockers. We’d like to thank our loyal clients and look forward to even more rapid growth for”

Ad replacement which conforms to standards

ReviveAds conforms to the Acceptable Advertising standard while approaching the growing issue of rising ad block use by removing barriers and regaining revenue for publications. The solution is compatible with ad block add-ons from all popular browsers, including Google Chrome’s robust ad blocker that now comes standard with every software update.

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