Sees Publisher Profits Soar with Ad Reinsertion

ad recovery publisher profit

Ad block solution has reached its six-month mark of business with more than 18% penetration and a client portfolio reaching close to 30 sites. This milestone also has made it possible for ReviveAds technicians to see first-hand how this unique tool has helped publishers regain lost revenue and rebuild their online profit centers.

Ads that bypass Adblock

ReviveAds maximizes clients’ revenue without skipping a beat thanks to a single-step implementation process that assures precious, high-profit advertisements make it through blocking software undetected – while still following all acceptable advertising guidelines. Matched with a real-time bidding platform, gives publishers more control over their online livelihoods than ever before.

With ReviveAds, clients can:

  • detect all ad blockers instantly;
  • replace ads with true monetizable content provided by ReviveAds experts,
  • populate zones in real time with alternative ads
  • enjoy a comprehensive service menu full of additional proven solutions.

“Online advertising helps keep content creators and website owners in business by bypassing adblockers” a ReviveAds representative said. “ReviveAds makes it possible for publishers to maintain their websites while giving fans the kinds of free content they come to expect – but only ReviveAds gives clients additional access to our real-time ad bidding platform.”

A scalable and customizable ad recovery solution is scalable and customizable according to each client’s needs; from basic to aggressive, this proven solution can handle any website’s ad block prevention needs and maintain steady profits. ReviveAds uses a reader-friendly solution which preserves user choice, while allowing publishers to maintain the integrity of their published works. Ad reinsertion is the first step towards building a sustainable, user friendly web ecosystem. By empowering publishers with a full suite of ad replacement options, publishers can tailor their solution to their readership.

Regain access to – and revenue from – 150+ million ad block users today. For more information or to test on your website portfolio, please visit