ReviveAds’ ad reinsertion technology continues to grow

ReviveAds is growing

Ad block solution now boasts a portfolio of 15 top-level sites currently thriving via its proven ad block prevention tool. ReviveAds is making waves with its ad reinsertion technology which serves ads even to Adblock users. Ad reinsertion and ad replacement are technologies which detect ad blockers and use sophisticated methods to bypass them. With more than 14% penetration, is setting a new standard for the way publishers do businesses in an Internet age manipulated by ad block software. By using ad reinsertion, publishers have demonstrated that revenue lost to ad-blockers can be recovered.

Since its February launch, has steadily climbed the ranks of must-have online business solutions thanks to its proven effective system, which includes multi-tiered levels of circumvention. From basic prevention to aggressive action, gives publishers several options for rebuilding revenue lost to ad blockers while complying with Acceptable Advertising standards.

A sophisticated ad reinsertion platform

“Ad block usage is growing at an estimated 45% every month and almost all mobile browsers feature ad blockers as a standard extension,” says CEO and Founder Mark Bauman. “We created to make it easy for publishers to fight back and regain the revenue they deserve and need to survive online. Our team specializes in the unique needs of these online businesses and we are available for one-on-one customer service to help clients choose and implement their preferred method of ad block circumvention.”

ReviveAds is the only ad block solution on the market that combines ad block prevention with its own next-generation ad platform. ReviveAds gives clients access to a sophisticated real time bidding system and sales specialists who ensure their businesses are at peak performance. Ad reinsertion is now a reality.

Regain access to – and revenue from – 150+ million ad block users today. For more information or to test on your website portfolio, please visit

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