ReviveAds Launches First Comprehensive Adblock Circumvention Platform

ReviveAds is proud to announce the launch of it’s comprehensive new platform to circumvent ad blockers. ReviveAds patent-pending ad reinsertion model can serve ads directly past ad blockers and reach previously inaccessible audiences. Ad block usage has increased more than 69% this year, growing at an estimated 45% per month.  Publishers’ revenues are being decimated. Seeing a dramatic need for action, is bringing a solution to this revenue loss with a powerful ad block circumvention tool. By utilizing ad reinsertion, publishers can access millions of ad block users with a simple 1-step integration.

An advertising platform to fight ad blocking is the Internet’s first effective ad block prevention platform to feature a real-time bidding system. This easy-to-use workaround maximizes ad revenue while increasing click-throughs, impressions, and international visibility. Publishers using ReviveAds platform are realizing immediate revenue increases. ReviveAds sophisticated customization options allow publishers to choose from multiple levels of circumvention. These customization options range from simple and streamlined to extra-aggressive. The ReviveAds platform is active today, and already helping publishers reclaim lost revenue.

A full service anti-adblock platform

“ offers website publishers four key services. We offer detection and awareness, proprietary ad delivery, access to advertisers, and access to ad block enabled content”, Founder Mark Bauman said. “Our team is comprised of only the best and brightest software pioneers. We work with a core network of veteran publication owners, ensuring that our products address the unique needs of website owners and operators. There’s nothing quite like on the market. We know that this technology will quickly become an essential part of publishers’ business operations.”

Adherence to Acceptable Ads

ReviveAds conforms to the Acceptable Advertising standard while addressing the growing issue of Adblock use. We remove barriers and regain revenue for publications. Our solution works effectively with all ad-blockers on all popular browsers.
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