ReviveAds Makes the news, on NewsWatchTV on AMC!

ReviveAds covered by NewsWatchtv on AMC in a recent segment yesterday  January 9th 2018

What a great way to kick off the new year by being covered in a news segment and having  a video posted on AMC’s NewswatchTv About you.

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Adblockers are hemorrhaging revenue from even the top online publishers. On average, these tools lose 28% of advertising revenue per publication each month, not including the extra 5% lost from server costs that the adblock users still require. Our research indicates that there is a strong opportunity to regain these lost revenues. We found that 99% of adblock users would view ads if given the choice.


How do you give the users that choice?

Ad-reinsertion is a technology that safely and successfully protects online publishers from the threat of adblock tools. With a simple, 1-step integration process, ad-reinsertion can immediately plug a publisher’s ad revenue leak. ReviveAds offers a user flow with proven results, Take Back the Streets. Here’s how it works:

  1. Adblock user arrives on site.
  2. ReviveAds circumvents the blocker, the publisher can choose any of the following next steps:
    1. Deliver the ads as if the block never happened
    2. Deliver message to user to choose ads or ad-free experience
    3. Deliver ads and give user the choice to block them again

Watch more about it, on NewsWatchTV, or read our white paper, or go to