ReviveAds named one of the top 40 startups of the year

reviveads top 40 startups

ReviveAds is officially one of the top 40 startups at the Startup World Cup in New York for Ad Tech.

We will be competing with 40 other nominees for top startup of the year. We were honored to be selected and will be sending our best.

If you will be attending ad tech, email us to setup an appointment.

Our team rose to the challenge of creating the best, most efficient ad block prevention system. We are still working hard at inventing and developing a rock solid product and distribution strategy to get us to our long term vision.

Many of you know we are the 1st ad platform in the world to ever circumvent ad blockers on all display ads, adhesions, layovers, and pop unders, and distribute the ads via our Real time bidding platform.

We continue to be a leader in the space and are doing our 1st integrations with other ad platforms allowing them to also offer ad block circumvention to their clients to slow the progression of ad blockers as best we can.

Distribution Strategy

We are now on over 600+ websites serving well over 180 million ads per day. We have already generated more than $1 million for our publishing partners and our performance is growing every day. We have a long term strategy which we are not disclosing at this time, but you will see it quickly form over the next 60 days as we get stronger and improve our services and marketing distribution angles.


We are currently not in need of capital, however we are currently opening it up to investors as we believe with the current growth trajectory we can catapult the company into 10 times what it is doing today with some strategic hiring. We are continuing with this hiring irregardless, but if you are interested in participating in the company or investing, we are always looking for good quality people as well as strategic investment opportunities.