ReviveAds will be at NamesCon in Las Vegas!


ReviveAds NamesCon Las Vegas

ReviveAds is attending NamesCon in Last Vegas the upcoming NamesCon Conference for Domainers January 23 – 25th in las Vegas.

ReviveAds is the premier Adblock circumvention platform for advertisers. Using patent-pending technology, ReviveAds uses a unique “ad reinsertion” system. ReviveAds can actually serve ads through ad blockers. This sophisticated technology, called ad-reinsertion, is the next step in the arms race between websites and adblockers. ReviveAds’ popular solution helps publishers recapture lost revenue.

Ad Revenues and Domain Parking

NamesCon is an annual conference for the domain-name industry and for domain investors. ReviveAds’ Adblock-circumvention solution is particularly popular among domainers because domain parking revenues have come under increasing pressure from ad blockers in recent years


Revenues derived from domain parking typically provide consistent revenues to domain investors. But as parking revenues have come under threat from ad-blockers, large-scale domain portfolios are increasingly under threat. ReviveAds’ adblock circumvention solution re-enables large scale domain portfolios by increasing parking revenues. By serving ads past ad blockers, long term domain holding is now viable again.

Many domain investors now see adblock circumvention and ad reinsertion as vital to the domain name industry.

How to get in touch with ReviveAds

Please set up a meeting with your account manager, or by using our contact page. We look forward to meeting publishers, domain investors, registrars and other industry players. Let’s make this an exciting and profitable year for the domain industry. And let’s fight ad blocking together.

We will be continuing our industry ascent as the first ever anti ad block advertising platform. Come join us and learn more about ReviveAds’ platform. ReviveAds features a built-in exchange and real time bidding network. We can’t wait to tell you about it.

If you would like to set up a meeting please contact your sales representative. Or use our contact-form to book a meeting.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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