Users Don’t want to block ads when given a choice?! – AdBlockChoices

Revolutionary Adblock Method Delivers Strong Results

Todays’ online publishers are struggling as traditional Adblock tools are adopted by more and more users, resulting in an average 28% loss per month in advertising sales. With consumers seeking free, quality content and publishers being squeezed of vital income, there must be a balance in this online ecosystem. At ReviveAds, we’re testing out a new method of Adblock technology that aims to achieve this balance, and the results have been incredibly positive.

This new method, titled Take Back the Streets, works by detecting whether a site visitor is using an Adblock tool and circumventing the ad blocker, if present. Once the ad blocker has been bypassed, we offer the visitor the choice between viewing or blocking ads. If they still choose to block the ads, they are presented with a paywall. We found that out of approximately 185,000 unique users that had installed an ad blocker, only 61 chose to continue to block ads when provided the choice. This means that less than 1% of site visitors actively did not wish to view ads.

The Take Back the Streets user flow has two distinct advantages. First, it gives the choice back to the user. People often download ad blockers to avoid infected and invasive advertising practices, but this leads to an Adblock tool also preventing that user’s favorite websites from displaying ads that pay for the content that the user loves so much. Second, this user flow avoids the alienating method of installing an immediate paywall which loses the site approximately 80% of users.

We are currently applying to be part of googles coalition for better ads and believe this will contribute to that initiative in making the internet a safer place.

Our findings are an incredibly positive sign for the sustainability of the internet ecosystem we currently enjoy. We have proven that consumers value the content they receive online and, when given the choice, will support it by viewing safe and noninvasive ads. The more publishers that adopt the Take Back the Streets user flow, the healthier the online environment will be.