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ReviveAds and Ad Reinsertion

ReviveAds Ad Reinsertion


What’s ad reinsertion?

Simply put: Ad reinsertion is ad-tech which serves ads that circumvent ad blockers.

But the rabbit hole goes deeper than the simple act of adblock circumvention.

There are multiple flavors of adblock circumvention including “ad reinsertion”, “ad replacement” and “ad recovery”.

[Please see the following ReviveAds white paper on circumvention terminology for more information on the different types of adblock circumvention approaches available.]


What is ReviveAds?

ReviveAds is an adblock detection and ad reinsertion platform built on top of an industry leading ad platform that has served hundreds of billions of ad impressions.

Publishers using ReviveAds are recovering millions of dollars per month in previously lost revenues.


ad reinsertion

Why ReviveAds?

ReviveAds was one of the original pioneers of adblock circumvention over six years ago. Since then, ReviveAds has served ads to over 1.2 billion adblocked sessions.

Today, ReviveAds’ patent pending approach is one of the fastest-serving and most effective methodologies for adblock circumvention in the world.

More than just ad-reinsertion, ReviveAds provides a framework for preserving user choice and publisher revenues.


The Basics: Adblock detection, circumvention and user choice

ReviveAds relies on multiple approaches to detect the presence of an ad blocker in the advertising supply chain. Once it has confidently been determined that an ad blocker is preventing normal ad delivery, ReviveAds utilizes alternative delivery mechanisms to serve alternate advertising to the page.

What makes ReviveAds’ reinsertion platform unique is its ability to extend customizable choices to both publishers and readers. These customizable choices can offer readers a continued ad-free experience, an “ad light” experience, or a premium ad-free experience.

In the example image below, a publisher has granted readers a temporary grace period to block a specific placement, or a premium option to continue an ad-free experience for a customizable amount of time:


Publishers can offer readers customizable ad-display options


Please see the white paper on ReviveAds and User Choice for more information on how ReviveAds is working to preserve user preferences while protecting publisher revenues at the same time.


Circumvention only happens if ads are being blocked

Most importantly, ReviveAds does not interfere with a publisher’s pre-existing advertising inventory or ad serve.

  • In the event that there is no ad blocker being used by a reader, ReviveAds will remain inactive, disengaged and invisible.
  • Only in the event that a user is blocking a publisher’s traditional advertising will ReviveAds engage.
  • Once engaged, ReviveAds will use multiple technologies to circumvent ad blockers and serve alternative ads.

A simple, customized setup

ReviveAds’ customization team will configure a custom ad reinsertion script for your site. This script will work seamlessly with existing placements, providing a nearly identical experience for adblock users and non adblock users alike.

From a publisher’s perspective, configuration is as easy as pasting an additional script into your page code, and remonetizing “lost” eyeballs in that one single step.

Additional setup options are easily available in a custom control panel which allows publishers to tailor the experience of adblock users on their site.